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Red Leaf Coffee Manufacturing started the coffee business since year 1979. Earlier the company is known as Luen Fatt Heng Trading Co. producing Hainanese Coffee in a traditional method. The business has expanded in year 2004 when we have invested a lot in technology & research. Until today, we have increased our range of coffee beans and powder to many varieties. The business is growing and we have export our coffee beans and powder to overseas market as well.

红叶咖啡始创于1979年,早期称为"联发兴贸易公司 "并以传统模式经营。2004年公司引进并研发新科技生产线,使业务得以扩展。如今,我们公司的咖啡豆与咖啡粉种类趋向多元化发展,更让我们的咖啡产品冲出海外市场,更上一层楼。